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I’m part creative thinker, part strategist and part perpetual student. I have a diverse background working on both the vendor and brand sides of  the industry.


  • I’ve launched and rebranded networks.

  • I’ve done more upfronts than I care to admit.

  • Conceptualized, wrote, pitched, and produced concepts/campaigns (often 360) for b2b, b2c, news, sports, movie studios, social, digital, broadcast and cable.

  • Fostered, developed, inspired, guided, urged, nurtured, begged, and occasionally disagreed with talented writers, graphic designers, producers and editors to become creative, effective (aka award-winning), efficient (on budget), and independent team players (no micromanaging).

  • Built teams and new departments.

  • Negotiated production and graphic budgets, schedules, rights, and specific terms with vendors by offering tchotchkes /ˈCHäCHkə/ from the premium closet.

  • Strategized and reconfigured programming break structures and created award winning cross-platform (the magical 360) and cross-portfolio work. 

And when I'm not doing "work" - you can usually find me painting in my studio with my trusty side kick, Jack Black (my rescue dog) OR redecorating, cooking and entertaining. I have a slight obsession with lifestyle/design brands. You can check out my artwork at


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