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Here are some testimonials, so you don't just have to take my word for it.


Valerie Albanese

SVP A+E Networks Brand Creative

"Michele leads her team well, she strives for the best and usually gets it. She took the initiative and molded her department into a tight cohesive unit. She has seamlessly worked with the ad sales team cultivating new relationships, introducing them to new processes and delivering a massive amount of creative ideas. Michele is a true collaborator who stresses teamwork within her group. Michele has really raised the creative bar for the company. She has exceeded ad sales expectations in developing high-end original branded productions and has elevated her groups standing within the company. Michele is a team player who does not give up – her tenacity and fearless nature is key in leading her team to bigger and better goals. No longer are creative initiatives being created that are "sub par" - she fully understands the high marks we hold our creative up to and has exceeded it. She is our glue between creative and Ad Sales. ” 

Brooke Stelzer



"I could tell Michele was a leader from the first day that I met her. She is calm, composed, and a true professional to work with. Her laser focus and ability to multi-task while producing on multiple projects constantly impressed me. While some shrink into the background during high pressure situations, Michele not only rises to the top, she thrives. That said – Michele's personality is fun, energetic and magnetic - people want to work with her! She brings a fantastic lightness, levity, and open-minded creativity to every project. In addition, Michele is one of the most organized people I've worked with in my career. She's a lovely person who is a dream to work with. I wish I could have her on my team for life!"


Allaire Johnson

Production Manager at Zillow Group


"Michele was my manager at A&E and is without a doubt one of the most personable and passionate people I’ve had the pleasure of working for. She was an excellent manager, and continues to be my mentor. Michele is smart and strategic; her approach is always entrepreneurial and creative. She positively impacts the achievement of business goals and objectives as well as increasing employee engagement."


Jeremy Quayhackx

Senior Director, Marketing & Content Services, NBC Sports


"Michele is an absolute pleasure with which to work. She takes each and every project beyond its expectations, adding her creativity and insight from conception to completion. It’s been a delight to know and work with her for so many years. Her imagination and vision never cease to impress me. Working with Michele is better than eating fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies."


Christine Cortes

Director, Producer & Editor

"I've had the pleasure of working for Michele for over a year and half. I came into A&E fairly new to the industry and although I knew no one in the company, Michele believed in my potential. It showed me that she was the type of boss that wanted to see her employees succeed and that was the kind of boss I wanted to work for. Michele was always approachable and willing to listen when needed. She's passionate and thorough in her work and manages her team to follow in the same suit. Michele was extremely knowledgable about all aspects of this industry and you knew you could always count on her to give you insight. She provides opportunities for those that seek them and sets expectations, in order to continuously challenge her team to reach new heights in their career. She was a great team leader and always backed her teams goals and efforts."

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